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Client’s Challenges:

Kingsman Casino changed ownership and wanted to start advertising again, we started from scratch as the previous account was not really usable. By using a clean account structure, laser-focused keywords, proper conversion tracking & dedicated acquisition landing pages, we got 5x more FTDs in the first month than the account ever had (compared to their tracking), the CPD dropped by -34% and conversion rate (FTD/Click) for search campaigns went up 1304% (From 0.25% to 3.51%)


Affiliate Marketing


Conversion Rate

What we did

PPC (Pay per click)

After doing an initial audit of the account, we found that most of the campaigns were using broad match keywords and had a lot of irrelevant search terms associated with them which drove high cost and had no relevancy to the search intent.

We completely deleted all the campaigns and started from scratch with laser focused keywords that were only relevant high value casino terms.

Also we consulted the company on best practices for CRO & acquisition landing pages that are targeted to drive new customers to register and deposit with our client.

By using these simple but very effective principles, we already delivered good results for the client and looking to expand the budgets and targeting.

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